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Corona Virus Update: Shapeways Cast Metals

Shapeways have issued the following statement about cast metals, that unfortunately impacts on some of my range:

“With some of our facilities temporarily closed or on reduced capacity, we are currently experiencing significant production delays for all cast metal orders in Silver, Bronze, Brass, Gold, and Copper. As a result, we are only accepting new cast metal orders in Natural Brass, Natural Bronze, and Natural Silver (non-interlocking) with extended lead times.

Until these production facilities reopen, we are temporarily disabling new orders of the following: Platinum, Gold, Copper, polished Brass, polished Bronze, polished Silver, and models with interlocking features in cast metals. We’re seeing this supply chain shortage on a global scale due to the pandemic but are working with all possible solutions to bring our production back on schedule.

We are still working on shipping all outstanding orders, but with significant delays.

It’s hard to know when but we’re expecting production to remain paused for at least a couple of weeks. We’ll notify you again when production resumes.”

This means that FR and other couplings in particular are going to be temporarily unavailable, and those of you who have already placed an order may be waiting some time.I am really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is beyond my control.